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Wilmington NC Builders

NC Builders

Top 10 NC Home Builders:
North Carolina Top Home BuildersNow you can view Wilmington's top 10 volume builders based on Rankings on total 2009 building permits awarded, as reported by Market Opportunity Research Enterprise, known as the M.O.R.E. Report.

The origin of North Carolina’s nickname –the Tar Heel State– probably refers to the tar, pitch and turpentine that were exported during the Colonial period. Since then, people have continued to flock to North Carolina, which now boasts the 10th largest population in the country...
North Carolina Top Home Builders
Wilmington Top Home Builders

North Carolina Builders
The secret is out: there's no better place to live than the Carolinas. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than half of all residential building starts in the country are in the South, and it's no surprise that North Carolina and South Carolina are consistently ranked near the top of the list. Part of the growth can be attributed to an influx of baby boomers looking for a place to retire. To that end, the entire southeast coast of North Carolina has seen dramatic growth over the last decade. Condos continue to be popular, as primary homes for people who want...
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Coastal Custom Builders

C.L. Smith Construction, Southport, North Carolina:
"We couldn't have asked for a better building experience." That testimonial is just one of many glowing comments about C.L. Smith Construction. Most builders promise great homes and many deliver on that promise but few of them actually become friends with their with their clients. Cameron L. Smith, president...
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Coastal Lifestyle Development, Holden Beach in North Carolina:
As a young boy, Cameron Smith, chief executive officer of Coastal Lifestyle Development and the developer of Stanbury Creek at Holden Beach in North Carolina, spent his summers on the water and at the beaches of the Carolina coast. As an adult, he reached the realization that...
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Kendall Canady Builders, Ocean Isle Beach, NC:
The Construction of Jerry Wickersham's new home Brunswick County, North Carolina, was an unforgettable event. "The experience was a 10 out of 10," he raves, crediting the project's success to his builder, Kendall Canady. Perfect ratings are hard to come by, so when your clients give you such high accolades, people probably will start to take notice...
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Southern Comfort Homes, Ocean Isle Beach, NC:
Brunswick County, North Carolina, is being developed as far as the eye can see and seemingly more quickly than the blink of an eye. Homes are rising out of the ground virtually overnight as builders strive to complete as many projects as they can in the shortest time possible. In many cases, the result of this fast-paced construction is painfully obvious to...
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All Coastal Custom Builders

Cities & Towns

Bald Head Island, NC:
The pace is mellow, the weather is kind and the living is definitely easy. Wherever you are and wherever you've been, there is no experience that can compare to living at the edge of an ocean. Just 20 minutes by ferry from the mainland of Southport, North Carolina, sits an island oasis of time and place. Because no cars...
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Hampstead, North Carolina - Topsail Sounds, NC:
Hampstead’s popularity today can be attributed in part to the many recreational activities offered in the area. Hampstead offers a full-service marina and boat yard,...
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Holden Beach, NC:
Holden Beach just might be the perfect getaway: quaint cottages on a wide beach and a strong historic focus on family fun. The climate is gentle, the pace of life slow and the water calm, making this little island ideal for a quiet family vacation or as a permanent home...
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Wilmington, NC:
During the 1990s, Wilmington evolved into one of the fastest-growing retiree havens in the region, a trend that continues today. The warm weather, nearby beaches and rich history of the area draw people from across the country to call this famed Cape Fear River town home. Founded by English settlers in 1739, the coastal outpost struggled initially because it was virtually...
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Wrightsville Beach, NC:
Wrightsville Beach, one of two barrier islands in the mouth of the Cape Fear River, in unlike any other place in the world, a fact that brings considerable pride to its residents. Wrightsville Beach offers a multitude of recreational options. The clean and uncluttered five-mile white-sand beach is perfect for a day of lounging in the sun, collecting shells, swimming, surfing and fishing...
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Neighborhoods & Communities

Leland, North Carolina: Grayson Park
Grayson Park takes full advantage of Carolina neighborhood the area’s natural beauty while maintaining the integrity of the landscape. Located amid lush wooded areas and ponds...
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Sunset Beach, NC: Capeside
Capeside is located in beautiful Sunset Beach, North Carolina. With a small town feel yet convenient to all the modern necessities of life, Capeside is a community worth discovering. Because Capeside is nestled near the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, aquatic...
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Holden Beach, NC: Dolphin Shores
Luxury living on the waterfront will soon be a reality when Dolphin Shores, a new gated condominium community in Holden Beach, North Carolina, is completed. Dolphin Shores is expected to be move-in ready in winter 2008, but current prospects view the property by water-in a boat...
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Carolina Beach, NC: Pleasure Island
There's something intriguing about a peninsula, something that compels us to follow it as far as we can go, just to see what's at the end. In Southeastern North Carolina, there's a particularly satisfying peninsula to be pursued, and many who follow it to the end return, to vacation or even to...
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Near Wilmington, NC: The Reserve At Masonboro
Located on the banks of Hewlett's Creek, The Reserve at Masonboro near Wilmington, N.C. is Logan Construction and Development's premier community. Walking trails wind among magnificent live oaks, swaying palmettos and graceful pines alive with native wildlife such as egrets...
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Leland, NC (outside Wilmington): Waterford of the Carolinas
They call this fairly new housing development Waterford of the Carolinas, but it could just as well be called Intraconnection Plantation - residents and guests can travel almost anywhere within the development by a variety of methods. Want to walk?
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Condos, Townhomes & Villas

The Right Address - Wilmington, Savannah and Charleston Condos for Sale:
Quite often, the word condo suggests either glorified apartments with, perhaps, a few extra amenities or large oceanfront buildings designed to be second or vacation homes. Increasingly, however, developers are creating vibrant living spaces in...
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Passage Point at Echo Farms Golf & Country Club, Wilmington, NC:
In North Carolina, there is a point where elegance meets affordable living. It is called Passage Point at Echo Farms Golf and Country Club and it just might be the ideal home for those wishing to settle in Wilmington...
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A Tale of Two Cities: Charleston & Savannah
One of the more exciting trends in today's housing market is the conversion of historical buildings into condominiums. These conversions have many advantages. In addition to providing a new home owner with a space that......
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Other Articles

North Carolina Real Estate

Brunswick County - Red Hot Sales Market:
Home sales across the country have plunged to their lowest level in three years, but builders and the more than 600 realtors in Brunswick County continue to bask in the glow of a red-hot market. "Brunswick County offers such a wide variety of homes for all needs..."
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Interior Decorating

BC Stone, Wilmington, NC - Return to The Stone Age:
Once designed to be functional rather than beautiful, kitchens and bathrooms have emerged to play an integral role in the overall value and appearance of today's modern home. Few aspects of a house...
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Carolina Coastal Interiors, Wilmington NC & Myrtle Beach, SC:
Turning an empty room, or a whole houseful of empty rooms for that matter, into an inviting, livable home is often a long, arduous process that can take weeks and even months of hard work. Not anymore. In December 2000...
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Tuscany Tile & Design, Wilmington, NC:
There's no longer a need to settle for run-of-the-mill tile. Tuscany Tile & Design, Wilmington, North Carolina’s original high-end, direct importer of custom tile, searches the world over to bring you the world’s finest tile and stone...
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